SPTS - Swiss Payroll & Tax Services LLC

Tailor-made services

Swiss Payroll & Tax Services LLC is a company incorporated under Swiss law and made up of experts in various fields including employment law and Swiss tax services. We offer our clients several outsourcing services including, but not limited to, Contract Management for freelancers, Consultants and Companies, Company Domiciliation Services and Tax and Accounting Services. All our activities are in compliance with Swiss law and applicable international regulations. 

“We are more than just payroll and administration accountants.
We are a ‘one stop shop’ for companies, contractors and recruitment agencies that require tailor-made solutions

SPTS Payroll Services

  • SPTS's Payroll Service gives you the freedom to focus on your business while we manage all your wage and tax administrative costs for short and long term assignment contracts.
  • All services are carried out in a discreet and time efficient manner by experienced and highly skilled specialists. All contracts are handled with the utmost professionalism in accordance with all legal requirements.

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SPTS Contract Management for Consultants and Companies

  • SPTS enables contractors and consultants to execute and manage their independent professional activity with the protected status of an employee.
  • SPTS gives companies simple and direct access to experienced professionals.

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SPTS Company Domiciliation Services

  • We offer various attractive packages of domiciliation services to both local and international clients, which are tailored to meet all your needs and demands.
  • Our administrative capacity can provide you, upon request, with an updated record of your company shareholders, directors, and secretaries, which we keep up to date for all companies we manage.

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SPTS Tax Services

  • Strategic, long-term tax planning and continuous legal advice are of crucial importance to every company. We offer professional consultancy, customised and tailored to meet your own needs.
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Our commercial partners

  • Swiss Romande Entreprise Federation (FER /FER CIEPP)
  • The Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva) is an important part of Switzerland’s social security system. As an independent company under public law, Suva provides work and leisure insurance
  • Business management software for Swiss SMEs, Certified Swissdec

Our guarantees

  • Swiss Federal Central Business Name Index – Zefix
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  • The commercial register Index of Geneva
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What makes us unique?

Providing quality services is our main objective: we have developed a charter of quality to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our customers.

SPTS is distinguished by :


Our services are personalised because each situation is unique. SPTS is committed to providing you with tailor-made solutions.


Our goal is to provide you with all the guarantees needed to make your project a success. Our tailored offers are available within 24 to 72 hours.


SPTS services are carried out discreetly and efficiently by experienced and highly skilled specialists. We offer consultancy individually tailored to meet your needs across various fields. Our experts are always kept up-to-date and will remain at your side to provide the most competent advice.


SPTS practises social and tax optimisation in compliance with Swiss regulations. It also ensures that all its actions and offers comply with national and international regulations in force. All proceedings are conducted in accordance with legal requirements.


In order to help customers focus on their core business, the SPTS team seeks to offer simplicity in all its tailor-made services.


The SPTS team is at your disposal to accompany you throughout our partnership. Since every situation is unique, SPTS is committed to defining with you a customised solution which meets your needs.


We treat all your information in a strictly confidential manner. In this regard, a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT is signed for each mandate or assignment we undertake.