Bookkeeping and Accounting

Many mid-tier international groups have branches or subsidiaries in Switzerland which have to carry out bookkeeping to comply with both the local requirements and their group information requirements. We supply bookkeeping services and accounting support on our own local or client remote accounting systems. These can be in both English or in French as required. We also can liaise back to group head offices answering queries on local accounting issues and assisting with the correct processing of transactions in multiple currencies. All bookkeeping and accounting services are carried out in Switzerland and are not outsourced.

Statutory Reporting

To enable business in Switzerland to comply with their financial reporting requirements to both local government agencies as well as to group finance departments, a rapid and robust reporting mechanism must be in place, able to report financial statements in multiple languages and to different reporting standards. We can supply this service and work with a number of international groups to ensure that they have all the advantages of a local finance department without the costs and obligations involved.

Sole trader accounts

When an individual is registered as being self-employed in Switzerland, he or she has to prepare financial statements to present to both the social security and the taxation authorities. We work with self-employed individuals to prepare accounts that comply with the local authorities in both French and English in accordance with local Swiss GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles).

Budget and Billing Assistance

Some businesses need local assistance with their billing and budgeting functions. We can provide turnkey billing solutions and carry out the billing process on your behalf including credit collection and aging analyses. Similarly, we can provide support for your budgeting process and subsequent forecast analysis during the course of the year.

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