Tax return for private individuals

Filling out a tax return is an annual obligation that must be met by every person liable to pay taxes in Switzerland. Our tax experts can provide you with extensive advice on all tax issues affecting individuals and self-employed/freelance entrepreneurs to ensure that all relevant deductions have been claimed and develop long-term solutions for you that will create added value while protecting you from  any tax risk.

There are a variety of options for minimising tax burdens. We will work diligently with you to draw up a sustainable tax plan that reflects your interests.

SPTS can provide comprehensive tax return advice in the following areas :

  • Tax planning that gives due consideration to national aspects as well as to pension and welfare law
  • Planning and assistance with corporate succession planning
  • Negotiations with the tax authorities
  • Representing clients in dealings with all tax authorities and in all tax jurisdictions
  • Advising on inheritance and gift tax issues
  • Advice on property gains tax matters
  • Advice on relocating to Switzerland and on moving abroad
  • Drawing up tax returns and reviewing
  • Tax assessments

All-inclusive package for employees

The all-inclusive package for your private tax return as an employee

The all-inclusive package only applies to employees with a max of 10 securities positions and max. one property with no more than 10 maintenance bills

All-inclusive tax return package includes:

    • Claims on all deductions
    • Preparing a financial statement/overview
    • Creating a complete tax return
    • Examination of the tax assessment notice

Charged on an hourly basis, the perfect package for entrepreneurs or individuals with only a few

Package includes:

    • Claims on all deductions
    • Preparing a financial statement/overview
    • Creating a complete tax return
    • Examination of the tax assessment notice


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What makes us unique ?

Knowledge of relevant tax issues

  • We have comprehensive knowledge of local and foreign tax laws and can provide you with premium services and assistance needed for your business. New developments in global tax law means that companies need continuous provide further training for their tax and legal staff which can be expensive and time consuming. Our experts are always up-to-date with the latest global trends and will work diligently with you from start to finish.

Keeping deadlines

  • Our experts ensure that all your documents are complete and are handed in on time to the relevant tax office and keep track of all relevant timelines.

Tax Representation

  • Our experts provide comprehensive hands-on support and advice on all tax return related questions and will represent you at the tax office where necessary and help initiate appeals and other claim procedure on your behalf.

Minimising tax burden

  • We offer an optimal tax consulting service incorporating medium and long-term tax planning with the aim of achieving the lowest possible tax burden on your business.