Outsource payroll accounting and gain time for your core Business

In addition to your duties as an entrepreneur, you are also responsible for your employees, who expect a correct, easily comprehensible salary management structure, which includes the fast, efficient and timely payment of their salary – even though you may have other priorities, or may be prevented from taking care of it yourself. This may require a recurring administrative effort and may, in certain situations, also require specific technical know-how. With SPTS Swiss Payroll Services we offer you a complete outsourcing solution.

Our services, for example, includes not only the preparation of salary statements by our team of specialists but also corresponding with third parties (such as employee benefits institutions, social security
administration offices, withholding tax offices etc.).

SPTS gives you the freedom to take care of what really matters, and all for a fair price. You have control over the costs of salary administration at all times.

Do you know ?

  • How much time you spend every month on salary administration ?
  • What changes are coming in social insurance and tax issues ?
  • How much you currently pay per salary statement ?
  • Who will take care of your salary administration in the event of an unexpected absence from the workplace?

Enjoy transparency and secure planning and let us take care of your monthly salary administration.

SPTS Swiss Payroll service

SPTS Swiss Payroll services are carried out discreetly and efficiently by experienced and highly skilled specialists. All proceedings are conducted in accordance with legal requirements. The following services are included in an all-in-one package:

Swiss payroll service year-round

  • Staff changes/movements (arrival and departures, maintenance of all employee master data)
  • Processing of variable salary types (such as hourly wage earners, daily wage earners, various premiums, bonuses, commissions etc.)
  • Processing of monthly payroll run
  • Generating payment orders and prepare DTA file
  • Generating the financial accounting record
  • Generating the pay slips for all employees
  • Backup of the salary types and salary data
  • Withholding-tax statements
  • Retroactive accounting in cases of subsequent corrections
  • Channeled support for client questions
  • Reprocessing of all required assessments

Year-end Tasks

  • AHV/ALV certificate (Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance / Unemployment Insurance)
  • SUVA/UVG/UVGZ accounting (Swiss National Insurance Fund/Accident Insurance/ Supplementary Accident Insurance)
  • BVG accounting (Occupational Pension)
  • KTG accounting (Collective Daily-Allowance Insurance)
  • FAK accounting (Family Allowances)
  • Generating and dispatch of salary statements
  • Archiving of all pay slips and salary statements as PDF
  • Support during Audits and at the year-end closing

Choosing to work with SPTS is choosing to :

Work with high quality and cost-efficient services

SPTS services are carried out discreetly and efficiently by experienced and highly skilled specialists. We
offer consultancy which is individually tailored to meet your needs in various fields. Our experts are always kept  up-to-date and will remain at your side to provide the most competent advice. Our experts speak French and English.

Some advantages of outsourcing

Financial Benefits: Clean up the balance sheet by eliminating assets and stabilising cash flow.

Strategic Optimisation: Focus on the core business and the relevance of continuing certain activities.

Better management of outsourced activity: You can choose a provider with a very higher expertise in their field.

Market Discipline: You can align your costs to those of suppliers in the same domain.

Technology: You access advanced technologies.

Flexibility: Resources no longer used in a sector can be redirected to the core business activities.