The management company (Société auxiliaire) is well suited to the needs of international companies and groups. The management company principally operates abroad but may receive some revenue from Swiss sources. However, its suppliers and customers must not be based in Switzerland.

As a result, administering a management company from Switzerland increases its international presence while being regulated under Swiss law. In Switzerland, 95% of management companies are Public limited company (SA) and, to a lesser extent, Limited Liability Company (Sàrl).



What are the advantages of a Swiss management company?

  • Market presence: the management company has an international presence.
  • Flexible management: these types of companies can have offices and hire staff in Switzerland.
  • Tax efficiency: management companies benefit from a reduced tax rate of between 8% and 12% on foreign income. There are other tax advantages and exemptions for dividends and capital gains; the rate depends on the canton.

Company Creation F.A.Q.

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What steps are involved?

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  • Incorporation pricesmay vary according to the registered office of the business.
  • The business activitiesof management companies in Switzerland must not exceed 20% of total revenue and expenses. At least 80% of turnover must come from abroad.


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