Swiss Company Creation F.A.Q

How much time does it take to set up a company with SPTS?

It only takes a few days to set up a company. Registering by the commercial register takes up the most time; this varies according to season and canton. Therefore calculate for the complete foundation at least four weeks.


How should I proceed with the incorporation?

We always recommend setting an introductory meeting with your SPTS team via an e-meeting or at our office to discuss your project and based on the outcome of the discussion, we will share with you a CHECK-LIST to be filled in with DATA of founders. Afterwards everything will be re-checked again by the SPTS partner lawyer and finally by our partner notary before proceeding.


Do I have to be personally present to create a company?

No. We simply recommend setting an introductory meeting with your SPTS team via an e-meeting or at our office to discuss your project and based on the outcome of the discussion we will share with you a CHECK-LIST by email to  fill in the DATA of founders. Afterwards everything will be re-checked again by the SPTS partner lawyer and finally by our partner notary before proceeding.


How much does a personal consultation cost?

The initial consultation with SPTS is free. You need to send us a Call back request and let us know about your availability. We will call you back and answer any eventual questions you may have regarding your business project of founding a Swiss company. Get in touch with us via: Contact form


Which legal form should I establish?

The choice of the suitable legal form for the establishment of your own company must be well thought out. Founders usually choose a limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship, limited company (Ltd) or general partnership (General). When deciding which legal form best suits the planned business activity, various criteria such as seed capital, taxes, risks, independence, and social security must be considered.  See also the "Legal form" which will gives you an overview of the four legal forms most frequently chosen by founders in Switzerland. SPTS expert will be happy to advise you on the right legal form for your project.


Can I withdraw my pension fund assets as capital for my new company?

Funds from the pension fund (LPP) may only be drawn when establishing a sole proprietorship or general partnership (General). Self-employment must be your main occupation and the cantonal compensation fund (AVS) must recognize you as a self-employed person. With the formation of a LLC or Ltd, it is not possible to withdraw your pension fund.


Do I have to inform my current employer about my new company?

Check your employment contract to see if there is a notification requirement for a side-line job. Then you need to get your employer's consent. If the employer is not competing with your secondary employment and the work performance does not suffer as a result, this will normally be granted.


What do founders from abroad have to consider?

If only foreign shareholders are involved in the company, at least one person with Swiss domicile, individual signature and as managing director or director must also be registered. For persons from non-EU/EFTA states and third countries, there are other special requirements that you can find at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

AT SPTS, we offer various attractive solutions for international foreign clients, click here to read more about our services for international foreign clients


When do I have to start to keep an accounting?

All companies are obliged to keep orderly accounts (complete balance sheet and income statement including receipts). The financial situation, debts, receivables, and operating results must be shown in the accounts per year. This is applicable on the followings:

  • LLC, Ltd, cooperatives and associations (on foundation)
  • General partnerships (General) and limited partnerships
  • Sole proprietorships with an annual turnover of CHF 100,000

However, we recommend that all companies that are not required by the Swiss Code of Obligations to register in the company register and therefore not to keep accounts should keep proper accounting. This is also an excellent management and control instrument.


Do I have to keep an accounting for my sole proprietorship?

From an annual turnover of CHF 500,000, double-entry accounting is required by law. Until then you are obliged to document your income and expenses. However, every entrepreneur has an interest in being well informed about the course of business at all times.


At SPTS, we offer several outsourcing services including, but not limited to: Tax and Accounting Services to companies, click here to learn more about our services: SPTS SERVICES. 


What is the best way for me to start as an accountant?

The business software covers the entire administration of start-ups and SMEs in a cloud solution: Starting with order processing, including the preparation of quotations, through automated invoicing and day to day operations, to integrated e-banking and online accounting.

At SPTS, we offer various attractive outsourcing solutions which are designed to give you more time to focus on your core business. click here to learn more about our services: SPTS SERVICES.


Can expenses incurred by the foundation be transferred to the new company?

Yes, as far as the investments made expressly on behalf of the company this is to be founded, However, it is always possible to charge the company's foundation costs, even if they have been paid in advance.


Why should I Found my company via SPTS?

At SPTS, we provide to our clients a high quality and cost-efficient service. We offer in-person free consultancy services which are individually tailored to meet your specific needs. SPTS services are carried out discreetly and efficiently by experienced and highly skilled specialists. For tasks we are not specialised on, we make sure that we engage the expertise of seasoned professionals to meet our clients’ needs. In a complex business world, we offer competitive services and in-house counsel from third parties’ experts like lawyers, tax advisors, bankers, investment managers and immigration advisors, based on the unique needs of our clients.

Differently from many local companies, our experts speak several international languages including French and English.


How can I work with SPTS Sàrl as a partner/ business contributor/ business finder?

Very simple: click here to fill in the form, or contact us via at  and tell us briefly what your project is and why you would like to work with us.

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