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Payroll Services:

In addition to your duties as an entrepreneur, you are also responsible for your employees, who expect a correct, easily comprehensible salary management structure. Which includes the fast, efficient and timely payment of their salary – even though you may have other priorities, or may be prevented from taking care of it yourself. This may require a recurring administrative effort and may, in certain situations, also require specific technical know-how. At SPTS Payroll Services we offer you the perfect complete outsourcing solution. Our services include payroll management, preparation of salary statements as well as the management of third parties entities (such as employee benefits institutions, social security administration, tax and other employee deductibles).

SPTS gives you the freedom to take care of your core business at a fair price and ensures that you have control over the costs of salary administration at all times.

Do you know?

  • How much time you spend every month on salary administration ?
  • What changes are coming in social insurance and tax issues ?
  • How much you currently pay per salary statement ?
  • Who will take care of your salary administration in the event of an unexpected absence from the workplace?

Enjoy transparency and secure planning and let us take care of your monthly salary administration.

Our payroll services :

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Work with high quality and cost-efficient services

SPTS services are carried out with the utmost discretion and in a time efficient manner by highly skilled and experienced specialists. We offer consultancy which is individually tailored to meet your needs in
various fields. Our experts are always up-to-date with current global trends to ensure that you are provided with the most competent advice on general developments from around the world. Our experts speak a range of languages including French and English.