Outsource payroll accounting and gain time for your core business

In addition to your duties as an entrepreneur you are also responsible for your employees, who expect a correct, easily understandable salary statement and the timely payment of their salary. This means for you not only a recurring administrative effort but may, in certain situations, also require specific expertise. At SPTS Payroll Services we offer you a comprehensive outsourcing solution.

Our services include not only the preparation of salary statements by our expert team but also the necessary coordination with third parties such as employee benefits institutions, social security administration offices, withholding tax offices and the like.

SPTS gives you the freedom to take care of what really matters to you, and all for a fair price. You remain in control of the costs of salary administration, at all times.


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Why outsource your payroll management ?

Payroll management companies are dedicated to the performance of one task: ensuring optimal payroll management systems. As a result, they use the relevant payroll software for each situation enabling their experts to manage the process as efficiently as possible. All of this means that they will be able to provide a high level of service at a low cost, and most businesses will spend less using payroll management providers than they will if they handle their payrolls internally.

Why outsource international payroll management?

Foreign tax and social security is generally much harder to deal with than local payroll processing. With language, time and cultural barriers in place, it asks a lot of an in-house payroll department to be able to run a compliant and efficient payroll for their international employees. Using local specialists reduces this burden. Further, going international can drop prices especially by sourcing providers in the developing world. By taking advantage of this competitive advantage, companies can save money.

What are the other benefits of outsourcing international payroll?

Outsourcing your international payroll solutions to experts relieves you from the stress created by this demanding process. Outsourcing payroll management allows your managers to save a precious time that they can relocate on more important tasks. Managers can concentrate on their employee's performance and the efficiency or their businesses. In a nutshell, by outsourcing payroll management, managers can eventually focus on making their businesses successful.

What are our values
  • We believe that working internationally is a rewarding and an overwhelmingly positive experience for both the employee and the employer.
  • We believe that contractors are an essential and valuable component to a mature employment market.
  • We believe that employers who need specialist skills for time-critical projects should be able to use expert contractors from overseas.
  • We believe that governments should be actively encouraging skilled expatriate workers into their labour markets.
How we work

SPTS holds a consortium of vetted partner companies. Once we receive your demand through our Contact form our team will assess your inquiry, gather further information if needed and send you the country profile you are interested in.

We will introduce you to the relevant partners who can assist you in that country and who are best suited for the requirement, whether it be work permits, payroll, tax or fiscal compliance.

We are a "one stop shop" for companies, contractors and recruitment agencies that require contractor management solutions for international assignments.

What we do

SPTS provides information and services to international contract staff through our worldwide network of partners. We have trusted relationships internationally with companies who provide fully compliant employment, taxation and immigration solutions. We assist individual contractors, recruiters, HR professionals, global mobility providers and employers in choosing the right supplier for their needs.

Our experience enables us to offer you optimal solutions based on your situation and your needs. We address your concerns such as:

  • What should you look for in a contractor management company ?
  • How can you minimise your risk and exposure ?
  • What happens if you or your clients are investigated ?
  • How long does it take to get setup and how easy is it ?
  • Do they answer your phone calls ?
  • Are you able to see & file your invoices / time-sheets / reports / expenses online ?
  • Are you covered by health insurance, workers compensation and professional indemnity insurance ?
  • How much will you NET after all taxes, fees and social deductions ?
  • What happens if your employer / agent doesn’t pay your salary on time ?
  • How will you get your money ?
  • Will your visa status allow you to change jobs or gain permanent residency ?
  • Are you protected against legislative changes ?
  • Are you claiming your full expense entitlement ?
  • Who will file your taxes and under which jurisdiction ?
  • What documentation will you need ?
  • Is your personal and financial data secured ?

The services we are able to offer contractors and temporary workers include: financial management, immigration and employment solutions, tax reduction, dual taxation, payroll, financial administration, wealth management, tax filing, work permits and sponsorship services.

If you are interested in such services or, if your organisation provides such services and are interested to partner with us, do not hesitate to get in touch.

What we do not do
  • We do not pass your details to anyone without your expressed permission.
  • We do not organise work for candidates - nor do our partners. If you are looking for a company to organise a job and sponsorship for you in a country, then we can't help.
  • We don't generally deal with people searching for permanent work - unless it is an employer who needs to outsource employment of their overseas employees or a permanent employee needing a third party to sponsor their work permit.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

3 Reasons to Choose SPTS

1. Expertise

We are able to provide solutions in almost every country in the world with country specific information for many of these locations.

2. Experience

Our team is made up of experienced specialists readily available to assist individual contractors, recruiters, HR professionals, global mobility providers and employers in choosing the right supplier for their unique business needs.

3. Responsiveness

We understand contracting in a new country can be confusing and you may have many questions. We are able to answer your queries and respond to your needs quickly and effectively.